Red Iron Architects | March 7-10

Monday 3.07 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PDD This week I’ve continued making edits to the toilet renovations. I placed all the single toilets in Revit and created enlarged demo plans for them as well. Tuesday 3.08 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PDD I finished up the single toilet plans and continued working on an […]

Charlotte Littlejohn | Tyler A. Smyth Architect | Week 8 (3/7-3/11)

Monday:  Spent four hours working on color and material choices by elevation for a new residence (Rothstein). Tuesday:  Spent four hours refining floor plans and interior elevations for a residential renovation (Cogswell). Wednesday:  Spent an hour refining floor plans for a residential renovation (Cogswell); spent an hour filing drawings into active project files. Thursday:  Spent […]

Autumn Hinson | AJ Architects | Week 8

Monday (3/07/22): Today, I continued work on the lighting plan at 166 E Edgewater. I then started a window and door schedule for the same project and had to adjust the plans and elevations to match each other. Total Hours (4:01) | AXP Hours – Planning & Design Tuesday (3/08/22): Today I worked on adjusting […]

Andrew Schick | The Middleton Group | Week 8

3/7 | Summerville Townhomes I jumped into modeling slight differences to Buildings 2 & 3 for our Summerville Townhomes masterplan CD Set. Porches and facades changed to the rear portion and several roofs were revised – notes too. In our Project Workload Meeting, some new opportunities to accompany Blake & Will and a photographer out […]

Jerome Simiyon-Bello Garris Architects-Week 8

o3/7/22 – Monday I continued working on the 1655 Atlantic avenue project. Participated in the weekly staff meeting. AXP hours – 4hrs 10min(3hrs 10mins Project planning and design and 1hr Practice management) 03/8/22 – Tuesday I continued working on the 1655 Atlantic avenue project. I worked on the garage model. AXP hours- 4hrs 17 mins(Project […]

Jalyn Haynes – Liollio Internship: Week 5

MONDAY (01.31): I had been tasked the two weeks before with a couple of assignments already: glass laser cut etching studies for a façade, cleaning up floor plans for the firm’s portfolio and Photoshopping wood stain options for a maintenance project. Last week I was assigned to start the physical model for the BAR presentation […]