AJ Arch: 9.19-9.22

Monday 9.19 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PPD;  Today, I took the CAD file of the plans for 27 King and began modeling it in Revit. I finished modeling the first floor and began adding in details for the proposed kitchen Tuesday 9.20 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PjM I set up views for the […]

Autumn Hinson | AJ Architects | Week 2

Monday (9/19/22): Today, I worked on adjusting more drawings for 11.5 St. Philip Street. Total Hours (3:44) | AXP Hours – Project Development & Documentation Tuesday (9/20/22): Today I continued worked on 11.5 St. Philip Street creating CDs for permitting and finalizing sections. Total Hours (4:02) | AXP Hours – Project Development & Documentation Wednesday […]

Jennifer Jonson | LS3P | Week 2 (37)

WEEKLY ENTRY 09/18/2022 Time Worked: 3:00pm-5:00pm Tasks Performed: Holiday Inn Charleston research precedents existing site (i.e., Ashley River) contemporary facade systems (i.e., brick and metal) Work Accomplished: Project Planning & Design 09/19/2022 Time Worked: 7pm-10pm Tasks Performed: Holiday Inn Charleston research precedents contemporary facade systems (i.e., brick and metal) hotel lobbies Work Accomplished: Project Planning […]

Brooke Young | Design Division | Week 2

Monday (09-19-22) Today I had a meeting with my mentor and another designer within the department to discuss the graphical direction of the card deck for the USACE 3x3x3 project. Ultimately, it was decided to make iterations for the front of the cards with either a section or an axon showing ground depth and a […]

Madelyn Ault | Haute Design | Week 2 Log

– Monday 9/19 Time Worked: 9am – 1pm Tasks Performed: Made updates to the tiles plans and design boards to send out to the client. Then I reorganized the entire fabric library to be alphabetical by grade and in color order. Work Accomplished: Project Development and Documentation – Tuesday 9/20 Time Worked: 9am – 3pm […]

Shelton Stevenson | SGA|NW | Week 1

9/12/2022 (8am-12pm) On Monday mornings we start with our Monday morning meetings at 8:30. We start by talking about what we did over the weekend. Then we go over what big projects we have and need to get done. After that we are all go back to our desk to work on our different projects. […]

Johnny Newell | Cobb Architects | Week 1

Project: Lowcountry Traditional Plan #LT-01 Project Mentor: Darryl Cobb   Monday (9-12-22) – AXP Hours: (4) Project Development & Documentation I started off the week by making adjustments to the alternate website called High Tide Design Group. On this cite, we sell plans for different style homes for people who want custom homes, but do not […]