Tamaki Inahata |Design Works |Mar. 22 – Mar. 26

Weekly hours: 20 | Total Hours: 116   During this week, I worked on several projects. First, I learned the subdivision design through the AutoCAD task to draw the driveway. This work let me understand the basic strategy for efficient subdivision design. Secondly, I studied the ramp detail from one renovation project. I’m confident to circulate the slop […]

March 1st to 4th

It is getting closed to 70 hours since I have started working for Beau Clowney Architects. It has been a rewarding experience, I have learned how to use vectorworks and how to use a Mac computer. I have done mostly schematic designs or revisions on plans that have been developed by Kate. It is nice […]

Tamaki Inahata |Design Works |Mar. 8 – Mar. 12

Weekly hours: 20 | Total Hours: 96 During the last week of the beginning, I focus on AutoCAD drawing tasks for the subdivision project. I mainly work on the driveways’ circulation, and housing style’s on the site. I learn the primary dimension for the road and parking of the residential areas. This drawing is for […]

Red Iron Week 3: 3/1-3/5

I’m really enjoying what I’m doing this semester. I feel like I’m getting a well rounded experience so far. This week I began by reviewing our Room Data List for a new school project and comparing it to the District’s list. I revised the list so that it would match. Afterwards, I worked on evacuation […]

Red Iron Week 4: 3/8-3/12

This week I worked on Signage for one of our school projects as a close out procedure and came up with a banner to hang over the walls in each stairwell. One issue is that there was wall equipment in different locations on each stairwell that couldn’t be covered. So for this task, I had […]

Red Iron Week 2: 2/23-2/26

This week I’ve learned more about codes and ada compliance as we were drawing up a plan for an up and coming restaurant in North Charleston. I was tasked with the job of placing the plan into Revit. We were given a sketch from the owners and had to go off that. I had to […]