Tamaki Inahata |Design Works |Mar. 22 – Mar. 26

Weekly hours: 20 | Total Hours: 116


During this week, I worked on several projects. First, I learned the subdivision design through the AutoCAD task to draw the driveway. This work let me understand the basic strategy for efficient subdivision design. Secondly, I studied the ramp detail from one renovation project. I’m confident to circulate the slop since I learned it from the grading class last semester, which helped me work much more manageable. I appreciated the connection between academic and professional study circumstances. Thirdly, I worked on the preparation of the client presentation. This project is the golf club’s renovation, and we analyze the current condition, so my task is to make some diagrams for it. Involving in several projects let me manage my work time. So I can improve not only the skill regarding the landscape architect but also my efficiency.

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