Brooke Young | Design Division | Week 7

Monday (10-17-22) Today I was assigned a new project to work on for the upcoming 3 weeks. I was briefed on the DRC Charleston Place application and tasked with providing the graphical content for plan and section view drawings of implemented bike lanes alongside the project proposal. 2 concepts would showcase bike lanes implemented with […]

Autumn Hinson | AJ Architects | Week 7

Monday (10/24/22): Today I continued working on adjusting floor heights in section and elevation for 11.5 St. Philip Street. We began our morning with a firm meeting to go over current project updates and discuss potential projects for the future. Total Hours (3:37) | AXP Hours – Practice Management + Project Management Tuesday (10/25/22): Today, […]

Jennifer Jonson | LS3P | Week 7 (42)

WEEKLY ENTRY 10/23/2022 Time Worked: 6pm-10pm Tasks Performed: Holiday Inn Charleston put together floor plans for key floors work on room color schemes add program labels to floor plans Work Accomplished: Project Planning & Design 10/25/2022 Time Worked: 8am-4pm Tasks Performed: Holiday Inn Charleston bridge new elements with the old conditions fix restaurant and suite […]

Erin Doering | SMHa | Week 7

Projects worked – ENT South Mount Pleasant Renovation, Sander’s House at Point Hope Project managers – Jeff Johnston 10/24/2022 – Monday AXP hours – 0.5 (Practice Management) 3.5 (Project Development and Documentation) I began the week with our firm weekly meeting to see what everyone was working on. I spent most of my time drawing […]

Madelyn Ault | Haute Design | Week 7 Log

– Monday 10/24Time Worked: 9am – 12pmTasks Completed: Continued library reorganization and cleaning up the front of office.Work Accomplished: Project Development and Documentation – Tuesday 10/25Time Worked: 9am – 3pmTasks Completed: Made changes to the design boards for the Smith project to send to the client. Work Accomplished: Project Development and Documentation – Wednesday 10/26Time Worked: 9am […]

Jerome Simiyon-Bello Garris Architects-Week 6

Projects worked – 22 Westedge(Novotech), 1180 Sam Rittenberg Project manager – Nick Galizia   10/17/2022 – Monday AXP hours – 0   I did not work today.   10/18/2022 – Tuesday   AXP hours –  5(Project development and documentation) Today I met with my mentor to learn about the 22 Westedge Site visit on Monday. […]

Autumn Hinson | AJ Architects | Week 6

Monday (10/17/22): Today I continued working on building sections and staircase design for 109 Rutledge. Total Hours (3:34) | AXP Hours – Project Planning & Design Tuesday (10/18/22): Today I worked on assessing floor height adjustments made from the client and the relationship the floor plates have in reference to the ruin in front of […]