Brooke Young | Design Division | Week 7

Monday (10-17-22)

Today I was assigned a new project to work on for the upcoming 3 weeks. I was briefed on the DRC Charleston Place application and tasked with providing the graphical content for plan and section view drawings of implemented bike lanes alongside the project proposal. 2 concepts would showcase bike lanes implemented with the existing curb condition and 3 concepts showcasing bike lanes with the proposed curb extension. I mainly reviewed urban bikeway design and street codes/regulations in order to make accurate graphics. The office also held a staff meeting to discuss where we’re at with our individual work.

Work Period: 1:11PM – 5:45PM


This week I was learned various bike lane intervention types ranging from, bike boxes to contra-flow lanes. In doing this research, I’ve further expanded my knowledge of street regulations and standard bike guidelines.

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