Erin Doering | SMHa | Week 7

Projects worked – ENT South Mount Pleasant Renovation, Sander’s House at Point Hope

Project managers – Jeff Johnston

10/24/2022 – Monday

AXP hours – 0.5 (Practice Management) 3.5 (Project Development and Documentation)

I began the week with our firm weekly meeting to see what everyone was working on. I spent most of my time drawing door elevations and editing door details for the South Mount Pleasant ENT Renovation project. I also took a stab at completing the door schedule as well.

10/25/2022 – Tuesday

AXP hours –1 (Project Development and Documentation), 3 (Project Management), 1 (Practice Management)

I began the day by working through the door details for the South Mount Pleasant ENT Renovation. It takes time to edit the details from past projects since this one is wood framed instead of metal framed. I then ventured out to Cainhoy to take measurements in the crawl space of Sander’s House, a house built in the 1800s that will be renovated into an office building for the Point Hope development. We also met with a potential contractor for the project to review existing conditions. I then went back to the office and participated in an internal lunch and learn where we shared Bluebeam tips and tricks that members of the firm have discovered.

Photos from my visit to Sander’s House at Point Hope in Cainhoy

10/26/2022 – Wednesday

AXP hours –0

I skipped the internship today to participate in the concrete pour for our community build studio project.

10/27/2022 – Thursday

AXP hours – 4 (Project Development and Documentation)

I finished the door schedule for the ENT Mount Pleasant renovation project, including adding notes when appropriate to the schedule. I also added details and elevations for exterior doors and windows, which usually require more components and waterproofing.

Lessons learned:

This week I gained exposure in how to detail for a project, specifically doors, windows, and cased openings. The head, jamb, and sill details differ depending on what type of framing the wall these elements are installed at. Waterproofing and methods of flashing is also imperative for exterior doors and windows, and the details you draw for the project need to express and call for it. A few years ago I found these details to feel foreign, but through more experience and considerate mentorship, these details are starting to become more clear and understandable.

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