Shelton Stevenson SGA|NW Week 12

Monday 11-28-22 (8am-12pm) Every Monday morning we always start off with our weekly Monday morning meetings. These meetings are used to reflect on our weekend as well as discuss what we have to focus on for the week. We also inform everyone on upcoming events that our job may be having later on down the […]

Brooke Young | Design Division | Week 12

Wednesday (12-07-22) Today I continued to work on the Market St bike infrastructure plan drawing. I primarily focused on imposing pre existing SCDOT bike lane infrastructure designs into the plan. I also had a brief meeting with my mentor to discuss the bike infrastructure design at the Market St and Meeting St intersection because this […]

Alexander Poston | JMO Woodworks | Week 14

Summary:       This week I continued drawing revisions for 1813 Middle St. There was a major redesign of the hood above the range due to the hood needing large exhaust venting. I then went with my mentor to a meeting with the contractor, client, and architect from RGA to discuss the kitchen along with other work […]