Alexander Poston | JMO Woodworks | Week 14

Summary:       This week I continued drawing revisions for 1813 Middle St. There was a major redesign of the hood above the range due to the hood needing large exhaust venting. I then went with my mentor to a meeting with the contractor, client, and architect from RGA to discuss the kitchen along with other work we will be doing in the home. After the meeting we installed the large bay window we built in the shop several weeks ago. I finished my hours this week. I will continue to work with JMO until I move back to Clemson for the Spring Semester. I would like to thank my mentor Brett Gerbracht and JMO Woodworks for the opportunity to work the internship with them. I have learned so much about not only cabinetry and woodworking, but also interiors and so much more. The skills I have learned I will apply to future applications.



11/21/22         9:00-11:45       2.45 Category 0

1813 Middle St. drawing revisions continued. Hood redesign, soffit to ceiling.)

11/22/22         8:50-2:20         5.30 Category 0 Project Development & Documentation – PDD

1813 Middle St. drawing revisions/ preparation for contractor, client, architect meeting. Curved bay window install.

11/23/22         0:00-:00           0.00 Category 0

Hours Complete. Fall Break.


11/24/22         0:0-00:00         0.00 Category 0

Hours Complete. Fall Break.


AXP Hours: 8.15 hours

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