Alexander Poston | JMO Woodworks | Week 13

Summary:       This week I continued working on the Bluffton doors and glued the veneers to the engineered styles. We chose engineered styles for these pocket doors because this will reduce warping in the door since the styles are made of smaller pieces of wood. This will keep the door flatter over time and not allow the door to bind inside of the wall. I continued the shop drawings for the project on Concord St. and at the end of the week we installed the legs on the live edge table top that I worked on when I first began my internship.



11/14/22         8:50-12:20       3.30 Category 0

Bluffton doors engineered style glue up. Sticking solid milling.

11/15/22         8:50-1:00         4.10 Category 0

Bluffton doors continued. Sticking profile replicated from existing door images for creating new knives to create new sticks.

11/16/22         9:00-12:00       3.00 Category 0 Construction & Evaluation – CE

330 Concord drawings revisions and material cut lists


11/17/22         8:50-12:45       3.55 Category 0 Construction & Evaluation – CE

Mount Pleasant live edge table install. (2hrs) 1813 Middle St. drawing revisions. (Hood redesign, soffit to ceiling.)

AXP Hours: 14.35 hours

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