Cameron Foster – Week 10

I decided to stick around the office over spring break and help out with work that needed done on pressing deadlines. On Monday and Tuesday I helped pull specifications on furniture for Southeastern Spinal Institute in Mt. Pleasant as well as drawing casework elevations for Roper Berkeley Cancer Center. I spent a lot of time […]

Phil Riazzi: Weekly Entry – 03.30.19

Daily Entries 03/25/19 – Monday Time: 8:00am – 12:00pm (4hrs) Tasks: Presentation floor plans for an interview for a health sciences building, adjusting room sizes based on programming spreadsheet AXP: Programming & Analysis 03/26/19 – Tuesday Time: 8:00am – 1:00pm (5hrs) Tasks: Presentation floor plans for an interview for a health sciences building, adjusting room […]

SMHa 3.25 – 3.28

3.25 – 4 hrs 3.26 – 5 hrs Monday and Tuesday were both spent working on two middle school projects plans. Red lines and dimensions along with labels. A transition into details at the end of the day Tuesday. 3.27 – 4 hrs 3.28 – 3.5 hrs These two days were spent finishing up additional […]

Week of 3/25

3/25 Today I worked for 4 hours. We had our morning meeting that consisted of going over every active project and what needed to be done on those projects. I started learning Lumion and changing the color board for a fire station we are designing in Kiawah. I learned a lot in Lumion and I […]

Nicole Coker_3/25/19-3/28/19

Monday: Today I was able to get out of the office and visit the College of Charleston’s Calhoun Annex Building. The other intern, John, and I recorded missing measurements from a previous site visit and also marked where lighting fixtures and air units were located. The firm will be replacing the ceiling and fixing other […]

Megan Gotsch: March 25-28

Even though I have worked at several internships, I have never really “gotten to know” Revit and its ins and outs. One of the best things about working at MPS was getting better at using this software, since all projects of theirs use Revit. This week I was trained on Revit, more officially, for a […]