Megan Gotsch: April 15-18

I spent much of my last week working on a city wide Revit model for Charleston. This model involved the modeling of buildings, sidewalks, streets and then grassy areas. It was a time consuming process, but the idea was multiple groups within the office could use this map. For my last day on Thursday, we […]

Megan Gotsch: April 1-4

One of the projects I recently was involved with is a new Aloft Hotel and apartment units. Its site is what made it particularly challenging, located between Cannon and Spring streets In Charleston, right as the two streets merge to form the bridge. The site is triangular with many zoning and city regulations that must […]

Megan Gotsch: March 25-28

Even though I have worked at several internships, I have never really “gotten to know” Revit and its ins and outs. One of the best things about working at MPS was getting better at using this software, since all projects of theirs use Revit. This week I was trained on Revit, more officially, for a […]

Megan Gotsch: March 11-14

This week I continued setting up the Revit file for White Knoll High School. Since I have been working in the k-12 group at McMillan Pazdan Smith, I helped to create a colored site plan for Lucy Beckham High School, which was used at a conference. It was colored using adobe’s photoshop program for an […]

Megan Gotsch: March 4-7

This week I worked on the creation of a Revit model for White Knoll High School, which is located in Lexington, South Carolina. The model included the creation of the site plan and the walls.  The model will be used for an addition of a theater. Weekly Log: Monday 0.5 Hours, Office wide meeting 3.5 […]

Megan Gotsch: February 18 – 21

This past week, much of my time was spent working on a renovation project for the North Charleston based organization Metanoia. The organization strives to improve its community from within, rather than rely on exterior sources to do it for them. They provide training and resources for its community members and turned to McMillan Pazdan […]