Week of 3/25


Today I worked for 4 hours. We had our morning meeting that consisted of going over every active project and what needed to be done on those projects. I started learning Lumion and changing the color board for a fire station we are designing in Kiawah. I learned a lot in Lumion and I hope I can master it because it is a very cool program that I can also use in studio.



Today I worked on a project called the Shapiro Residence. I researched and called manufacturer companies about Klein glass automated doors that are being installed in the condo. I also researched different brands of wine racks for the wine closet in the home. I learned that working on residential projects and with a client is very difficult because they are very picky in what they want in details. I also worked on a beach house floor plan RCA just started. These would fall under Project development and project analysis for my AXP credits.



Today we had a meeting with a carpet company for the new Camp Road Middle School RCA is designing. I have been tasked to pick carpets and materials for the interior and put color boards together. It was fun working on interiors of the school because that is where a lot of my interests are. I was given a lot of freedom with it as well and responsibility to contact the carpet representative when I have questions or to send samples. This would fall under Project planning and design for AXP hours. This week I learned that when you think you’re done with a project, you most certainly are not. There are also endless possibilities when it comes to carpet options.

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