Cameron Foster – Week 10

I decided to stick around the office over spring break and help out with work that needed done on pressing deadlines. On Monday and Tuesday I helped pull specifications on furniture for Southeastern Spinal Institute in Mt. Pleasant as well as drawing casework elevations for Roper Berkeley Cancer Center. I spent a lot of time in Revit models over the break and am learning different ways of working in the software and am gaining more confidence in it. This week I continued working on Roper Berkeley Cancer Center, I spent the majority of my time on our Furniture & Equipment Plan for the facility.

Monday 3/25 – I spent a lot of time in Revit making casework elevations.

Tuesday 3/26 – I worked on a Furniture & Equipment Plan for Roper Berkeley Cancer Center and pulled specs for FFE.

Wednesday 3/27 – On Wednesday mornings we have a weekly meeting for our Medley studio where we discuss hot list items and what everyone is working on. I worked on specs for our FFE of Roper Berkeley.

Thursday 3/28 – Continued FFE List for Southeastern Spinal Institute project in Mt. Pleasant.

AXP Hours to date: 

Practice Management: 0

Project Management: 0

Programming & Analysis: 0

Project Planning and Design: 28

Project Development & Documentation: 66.5

Construction & Evaluation: 52.5


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