SMHa 3.25 – 3.28

3.25 – 4 hrs

3.26 – 5 hrs

Monday and Tuesday were both spent working on two middle school projects plans. Red lines and dimensions along with labels. A transition into details at the end of the day Tuesday.

3.27 – 4 hrs

3.28 – 3.5 hrs

These two days were spent finishing up additional red lines as they came up due to a 100% set being due soon. The office was busy checking documents and making final touches as a team. The main focus for myself was to go over the door details as some of them needed to be edited and then transferred over to a similar project. Mid Thursday additional comCHECK work was done as some things needed to be refined.

Summary – 

There were two big takeaways from this week. One, simply being to work as a team. Even if you are not on a project there is potential you could be helpful or knowledgeable. With a 100% set going out soon other office members were called upon to do red lines and sit down to review some more critical parts of the drawings. This helps to assure a quality project. A lot of communication goes on at this point with a back and forth as things begin to wrap up. The other point goes to a discussion about site safety. This was especially interesting and critical to me, as in studio we are in the process of starting on site with our community pavilion. Making sure you are alert and observant is extremely important. You have to be aware of your surroundings for dangers for yourself as well as others. It is important to see design issues but it is also important to be cautious of your life and the dangers that can occur from materials or equipment being used around you.

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