Week 12 – Cameron Foster

Overview: Last week I missed work on Thursday due to travel for my community 1:1 class which only left me with 8 hours on the week. I worked on perspective renderings for Discovery Place Nature that week. The renderings had already been done by a rendering company that we outsource our perspective images to but […]

Week 9 – Cameron Foster

Overview: This week I spent my time working on our National Park Service project in Georgia where we are demolishing an existing building and replacing it with a new building to support the park service administration needs. It is still in its very early stages of schematics where we are looking at a series of […]

Week 8 – Cameron Foster

Overview: This week I finished up my final red lines on EP Lab and incorporated the electrical plans from DWG with our RCP to reflect the placement of lighting and HVAC registers. Next week we will be meeting with DHEC to have them review our drawings and address any discrepancies that they find for us […]

Week 7 – Cameron Foster

Overview: This week I have continued working on EP Lab red lines and adjustments of equipment within the labs to match vendor drawings as well as engineer drawings. This project has been a long process for me as I am the only person who is working on it with the guidance of our Project Manager, […]

Week 6 – Cameron Foster

Overview: This week I spent the majority of my time working on an EP Lab equipment change at MUSC. I started working on this project a few weeks ago and have been revisiting it as we receive feedback from engineers and equipment vendors on where items will be placed in the rooms and the proximity […]

Week 13 – Cameron Foster

I went to Asheville on Sunday and was out of the office Monday morning due to a Design Award Ceremony on Sunday night. When I returned to the office on Tuesday I was congratulated by my coworkers on the design award and the company Facebook posted about my award. This week I learned that you […]