Week 12 – Cameron Foster


Last week I missed work on Thursday due to travel for my community 1:1 class which only left me with 8 hours on the week. I worked on perspective renderings for Discovery Place Nature that week. The renderings had already been done by a rendering company that we outsource our perspective images to but there were additional elements needed to be shown in the rendering via photoshop. Because of my work on the renderings last week the design team asked if I would continue onto help them with elevation renderings. So this week I mostly worked on elevation drawings for our Discovery Place Nature Museum. I was asked to export existing elevations from our revit model and start to put together a rendered elevation for a board meeting next week. This has been a long task as it is important to show details correctly and be purposeful about the drawings you are making. I am coming up on my last couple of shifts in the office until I am done with my internship hours so the office has asked if we can have a happy hour to celebrate my time in the office. Next week will be my last week.


AXP Hours to Date: 

Practice Management: 2

Project Management: 16

Programming & Analysis: 3

Project Planning and Design: 31

Project Development & Documentation: 118

Construction & Evaluation: 13

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