Week 12 – Cameron Foster

This week I informed my mentor of 1 of my design awards that my partner Phil and I won for our project last semester and that I will be attending the ASPIRE Experience Conference Design Award Ceremony next weekend. Aside from being overwhelmed with excitement for this award I continued to work on FFE for […]

Week 11 – Cameron Foster

This week I missed one day of work due to a sick bulldog at home. The majority of the week was spent in Revit working on redlines for our Roper Berkeley Cancer Center as well as specification lists for that as well as Southeastern Spinal Institute. I am constantly learning how to navigate myself around […]

Cameron Foster – Week 10

I decided to stick around the office over spring break and help out with work that needed done on pressing deadlines. On Monday and Tuesday I helped pull specifications on furniture for Southeastern Spinal Institute in Mt. Pleasant as well as drawing casework elevations for Roper Berkeley Cancer Center. I spent a lot of time […]

Cameron Foster – Week 8

This week I was working on different tasks for a number of projects but for the most part have been working on our Jenkins Institute project. My tasks this week have mostly involved the production of a reflected ceiling plan and doing some Revit modeling. I am learning a lot about how Novus works and […]

Cameron Foster – Week 7

This week I bounced around to different tasks on a number of projects but have primarily been working on our Matt O’Neill Realty project. I have mostly been working on the entry to Matt O’Neill and details that display door and jambs as well as pergola supports. During the time that I have been waiting […]

Cameron Foster – Week 6

This week I continued working on detailing for the reception desk at a local realty office and communicating with our electrical engineer on the project to ensure that the design allowed for electrical through a wing wall rather than an expensive route through the slab. Along with the reception desk I worked on a submittal […]