Week 12 – Cameron Foster

This week I informed my mentor of 1 of my design awards that my partner Phil and I won for our project last semester and that I will be attending the ASPIRE Experience Conference Design Award Ceremony next weekend. Aside from being overwhelmed with excitement for this award I continued to work on FFE for Roper Berkeley Cancer Center for the majority of the week. I realized a very important piece of information about saving work. Save often! Our server went down and I had not saved my work the entire morning, so I had to redo most of the FFE plan.

Monday 4/8 – Created tags for equipment on FFE Lists for Roper Berkeley Cancer Center as well as editing Furniture Schedules.

Tuesday 4/9 – Continued working on furniture tags in Revit.

Wednesday 4/10 – Finished tagging furniture in Revit and updated equipment list, made both model and list match.

Thursday 4/11 – Worked on FFE edits for Southeastern Spinal Institute.

AXP Hours to date: 

Practice Management: 0

Project Management: 0

Programming & Analysis: 0

Project Planning and Design: 28

Project Development & Documentation: 92.5

Construction & Evaluation: 52.5


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