Cameron Foster – Week 7

This week I bounced around to different tasks on a number of projects but have primarily been working on our Matt O’Neill Realty project. I have mostly been working on the entry to Matt O’Neill and details that display door and jambs as well as pergola supports. During the time that I have been waiting for feedback from structural on that project I have been working on door schedules and FFE lists for Southeastern Spinal Institute as well as assisting in the roof design of a project for underprivileged children in Charleston at the Jenkins Institute. Our office is extremely busy which is providing me a lot of opportunity in different areas of the office.

Monday 3/4 – I worked on an FFE list for SSI as well as specifications on equipment.

Tuesday 3/5 – I continued working on the FFE list and specs and began working on door schedules for Matt O’Neill.

Wednesday 3/6 – I finished up some work on Matt O’Neill and began assisting in roof design of Jenkins Institute.

Thursday 3/7 – We received feedback from structural on Matt O’Neill and I revised details on our pergola design for the office as well as some entryway exterior details.

AXP Hours to date: 

Practice Management: 0

Project Management: 0

Programming & Analysis: 0

Project Planning and Design: 20.5

Project Development & Documentation: 32

Construction & Evaluation: 49

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