Week 6 – Cameron Foster


This week I spent the majority of my time working on an EP Lab equipment change at MUSC. I started working on this project a few weeks ago and have been revisiting it as we receive feedback from engineers and equipment vendors on where items will be placed in the rooms and the proximity of equipment in relation to other equipment. The project has been difficult for me at times due to my lack of knowledge on this type of medical equipment, therefore I have had to refer to prior EP Labs that we have worked on.  I am hoping to have my current set of drawings marked up with red lines today so that we are able to move into CD’s soon.

I am also now enrolled in an in-house CA school that one of our principals has in place to help practicing architects and designers to better understand what goes on in the construction administration process. I have my first class today and I am excited to hear from a practicing architect outside of school.

Project of the Week:

Project – EP Lab 6 & 7, Medical University of South Carolina

Location – Charleston, SC

Project Manager – Michael Edwards

Project Description: Equipment change in an existing EP Lab and small scale demolition of mill work

Weekly Tasks:

Tuesday 3/26 – Adjusted room dimensions to match engineer drawings, moved equipment to reflect changes.

Total hours worked: 8

Thursday 3/28 – Submitted drawing set to project manager for red lines and began adjustments on set. First day of CA school.

Total hours worked: 8


AXP Hours to Date: 

Practice Management: 0

Project Management: 0

Programming & Analysis: 0

Project Planning and Design: 23

Project Development & Documentation: 62

Construction & Evaluation: 2

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