Week 14 – Cameron Foster

This week I worked on a series of red lines for our Roper Berkeley project. There is a deadline for our DD set submission coming up next week on Tuesday so we are trying to get this set done as efficiently as possible before printing. I have talked with my mentor this week and was able to acquire a summer position at the office. This was a big deal for me as I will be away for over a month on a teaching assistant position in Italy and the office has been very receptive of my opportunity abroad and providing me the opportunity to return to a job later this summer.

Monday 4/22 – Red lines for Roper Berkeley

Tuesday 4/23 – Red lines for Roper Berkeley

Wednesday 4/24 – Weekly Medley meeting and red lines for Roper Berkeley

Thursday 4/25 – Missed work

AXP Hours to date: 

Practice Management: 0

Project Management: 0

Programming & Analysis: 0

Project Planning and Design: 29

Project Development & Documentation: 120.5

Construction & Evaluation: 58.5


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