Week 9 – Cameron Foster


This week I spent my time working on our National Park Service project in Georgia where we are demolishing an existing building and replacing it with a new building to support the park service administration needs. It is still in its very early stages of schematics where we are looking at a series of different plan layouts that best fit the usage needs of the park employees. My task on the project right now is sheet set up and moving the documents that we have in Revit over to autoCAD because of the park service not having the capabilities to use Revit and still using autoCAD.

On Tuesday we had a meeting with DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control) for our EP Lab project. The attendees of the meeting were as follows:

Craig Troublefield, Client (MUSC)

Michael Edwards, Project Architect

Roger Brandel, Project Manager

Elie Macaron Jr., DHEC Inspector

This was a long meeting where the DHEC Inspector reviewed our current drawing set and made any comments on what needed to be fixed before construction. During the meeting there were more adjustments that needed to be made on the engineers drawings than our drawings which I was not surprised by after considering the majority of work being done to the space is structural. I also learned that you are at the mercy of the DHEC Inspector and that it is best to comply with anything and everything that he/she wants adjusted on the drawing set due to that inspector being the one that will probably remember you for your next project that you need them to inspect.

Weekly Tasks:

Tuesday 10/22 – I spent the morning transitioning drawings for NPS Georgia project from Revit to autoCAD and at lunch had a meeting at the CACC for our internship class. I returned to the office at 1:30 and walked straight into a meeting with DHEC that lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes and afterwards I had my 4th class of CA school with Tommy.

Total hours worked: 8

Thursday 10/24 – I worked on NPS Georgia in the morning and continued Gamma Camera Room updates. In the afternoon I updated EP Lab drawing set to reflect the corrections that DHEC requested on Tuesday.

Total hours worked: 8

AXP Hours to Date: 

Practice Management: 0

Project Management: 16

Programming & Analysis: 0

Project Planning and Design: 31

Project Development & Documentation: 93

Construction & Evaluation: 5

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