10.21.19 – 10.24.19

10.21.19 Practice Management | Project Planning & Design, 5 hours

  • All staff meeting
  • Jumped back on Tenet Health Upfit project to get ready for SD review deadline – worked on RCP plan and ceiling details. Also found two instance in which our hallways were interfering with the existing cross bracing (not good…)

 10.22.19 Project Planning & Design, 3.25 hours

  • Site visit to Tenet Health project to double check what I had found in the Revit model the day prior. Measured where the structure was and other obstructions in the space (pipes, mechanical equipment, exhaust from medical equipment on lower floors).
  • Worked on enlarged floor plans and elevations in the Tenet Health Revit model


  • Did not work – out of town

10.22.19 Project Planning & Design, 1.75 hours

  • Continued work on enlarged floor plans and elevations – went back and updated the ones I had previously done to reflect the plan changes (as a result of the cross bracing interference)


  • Although I was out at a conference during part of this week (in which I learned a LOT about the relationship between academia and the profession), I still feel like I contributed and learned a lot at work. Because I was cross referencing the linked models in Revit, I found an issue and brought it to the attention of my team. We were able to visit the nearby site and quickly check to see if there was indeed an issue (there was). Our SD set was able to get redesigned in those two areas before we sent it out for review with the client. If I had not have spoken up, this issue might not have been solved and we would have looked bad in front of the client later on. So, lessons learned include not being afraid to speak up, trust your instincts and don’t ignore structure while space planning, and remember that wall thickness is a thin when doing bubble diagrams (our hallways went from 5′-6″ to 5′-0″ which is not ideal in a medical facility).

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