Week 13 – Cameron Foster

I went to Asheville on Sunday and was out of the office Monday morning due to a Design Award Ceremony on Sunday night. When I returned to the office on Tuesday I was congratulated by my coworkers on the design award and the company Facebook posted about my award. This week I learned that you cannot open a central model through the Revit recent models window if you want to be working on the most current model. I had to redo all of my work on the FFE lists while picking up more redlines in the time that our FFE Director was out of the office. I am finished with FFE lists for a bit now and getting back to red lines for our Roper Berkeley Cancer Center DD set that is going out the door next Friday.

Monday 4/15 – Out of office at conference in Asheville to receive award

Tuesday 4/16 – FFE for Roper Berkeley and SSI

Wednesday 4/17 – Weekly Medley meeting and worked on fixes of FFE plans

Thursday 4/18 – FFE for Roper Berkeley

AXP Hours to date: 

Practice Management: 0

Project Management: 0

Programming & Analysis: 0

Project Planning and Design: 28

Project Development & Documentation: 103.5

Construction & Evaluation: 52.5


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