Week 7 – Cameron Foster


This week I have continued working on EP Lab red lines and adjustments of equipment within the labs to match vendor drawings as well as engineer drawings. This project has been a long process for me as I am the only person who is working on it with the guidance of our Project Manager, Michael Edwards. Some of the other things that I have been working on in the office include Discovery Place Nature and attending CA school. The nature museum community in Charlotte held a meeting today to address a code variance that was requested by the museum for an access road to the site and we received word that the meeting lasted 5 hours due to some of the community members being unhappy with the access point. During the meeting we were receiving updates over here in Charleston on the dialogue that was occurring and it had us worried about the future of the project… But all is well and the overall community’s reception of the museum is in a good state.

I have also been attending CA school with one of the partner’s of the firm where he has been quizzing me on building envelopes and the things to look out for in the field. This is a great opportunity for me as he will provide me with a binder full of his own personal notes he has made over his 20+ years of experience at the end of CA school.


Project of the Week:

Project – EP Lab 6 & 7, Medical University of South Carolina

Location – Charleston, SC

Project Manager – Michael Edwards

Project Description: Equipment change in an existing EP Lab and small scale demolition of mill work


Weekly Tasks:

Tuesday 3/26 – Continued to adjust EP lab drawings and manage feedback from engineers.

Total hours worked: 8

Thursday 3/28 – Working on EP Lab and attending CA school.

Total hours worked: 8


AXP Hours to Date: 

Practice Management: 8

Project Management: 0

Programming & Analysis: 0

Project Planning and Design: 31

Project Development & Documentation: 70

Construction & Evaluation: 2

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