week of 4/15

4/15 Today I helped work on revising AIA contracts for a small project called Pickney Park on James Island. This would fall under Construction and Evaluation for AXP hours. A lot of the morning was spent in our weekly meeting going over our weekly agenda. I also met with Shaw Company about the carpeting and […]

week of 4/8

4/10 Today I worked on a variety of things. I helped choose from a bunch of AIA documents between the owner and architect for the James Island Pickney Park project. I familiarized myself more with construction documents. I also compared submittals for Camp Road Middle School to the specs. I looked at fire extinguishers, the […]

week of 4/1

4/1 I worked from 8-12 this morning. I started off working on the carpet color boards for the Camp Road Middle School. I created schemes that would look good in a variety of rooms such as classrooms, administrative, media, and libraries. I also worked on taking sketches that were drawn by my coworker and put […]

Week of 3/25

3/25 Today I worked for 4 hours. We had our morning meeting that consisted of going over every active project and what needed to be done on those projects. I started learning Lumion and changing the color board for a fire station we are designing in Kiawah. I learned a lot in Lumion and I […]

Week of 3/11-13

3/11/19 Today I worked from 8-12pm and I helped organize Revit for the office. I added all of the 2D work from their Revit projects into a central Revit template so the office can easily pull from it when they are working on a project. I also sat in on a meeting about a new […]

Week of 3/4/19

3/4/19 Today I worked form 8-12pm. Most of our morning consisted of the weekly meeting. We talked about each project and what we need to accomplish for each project this week. I worked on putting together a folder of old projects one of my coworkers designed at his previous job to show a potential distillery […]

Week of 2/25/19

2/25/19 sick 2/26/19 Today I worked from 8am-12pm on a few different things. I plotted sheets for the Metzler shed RCA is designing. They are facing problems with FEMA flood zoning being in two different types on zones on the property. I also helped clean up Revit AE sheets for close out documents for the […]

Molly Park – 2/12/19

Today I worked from 8am-12pm. I continued working on the Rita Hollings Site Plan and revised any details I need to change. I used programs such as Revit, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and AutoCad to piece together everything I needed for the site plan. This would fall under Project Planning and Design for AXP hours.

Molly Park: Week of 2/18/19

2/18/19 Today I worked for 4 hours. I worked on putting together a folder compiled on images, sketches, floor plans, diagrams, and sections for the Rita Hollings Science Center and Shapiro to enter into the SAR Awards. This would fall under Project Development and Documentation AXP I believe.   2/19/19 Today I worked 4 hours […]