Kyle Kane | LOWE | WEEK 1

Project: Entitlement Research  Project Mentor: Jacob Lindsey    Tuesday – 09.13.22 I spent my day on my first project from Jacob researching different retail typologies and main street profiles across the US and internationally. Looking at the physical differences as well as the aesthetic differences. Axp Hours: 4     Category: Programing & Analysis Wednesday – […]

Erin Doering | SMHa | Week 1

Projects worked – MUSC College of Health Professionals Project manager – Margie Longshore and Chris Altman 09/12/2022 – Monday AXP hours – 4 (Programming and Analysis) This week I continued my efforts for the BAR submittal for the new MUSC College of Health Professionals building. After modelling the adjacent Bioengineering building, I’ve been drawing 2D […]

Lad Howell | McMillan Pazdan Smith | Week 1

Monday 9/12:           8:00AM – 12:00PM Tasks Performed Finalized project submission for 677 King St. Began creating item legend for a bathroom. Began learning Revit. Tuesday 9/13:           8:00AM – 12:00PM Tasks Performed BIM Onboarding Training I was introduced to how Revit is used within a Firm I was […]

Jennifer Jonson | LS3P | Week 1 (36)

WEEKLY ENTRY 09/13/2022 Time Worked: 7:40am-3:40pm Tasks Performed: Holiday Inn Charleston introduction to hotel renovation project research precedents in the area (local vernacular) create vision boards for project with precedents Work Accomplished: Programming & Analysis 09/15/2022 Time Worked: 7:30am-3:45pm Tasks Performed: Holiday Inn Charleston discuss renovation project and vision boards with mentor research precedents for […]

Brooke Young | Design Division | Week 1

Monday (09-12-22) Today I sketched a variety of graphic design options for the USACE 3x3x3 community engagement card deck. Showcasing the variety of flood barrier types and what they mean. Work Period: 1:30PM – 5:30PM Tuesday (09-13-22) Today I modified the graphic design of the USACE 3x3x3 card deck to reflect the critics and suggestions […]

Autumn Hinson | AJ Architects | Week 1

Monday (9/12/22): Today, I worked on dimensioning plans for 27 King and then we went on site to get confirmation measurements since the walls have been stripped. Total Hours (3:48) | AXP Hours – Project Management Tuesday (9/13/22): Today I worked on adjusting the plans for 27 King per our new measurements. Total Hours (3:59) […]