Red Iron Week 8: 4/05-4/10

I spent this week designing and revising the Revit model for the Event Barn. With this project, I have been given more free range for design where I have been having to utilize my problem solving skills so that all of the client’s needs are met. With this, I’ve also had to consider ADA accessibility […]

Red Iron Week 6: 3/21-3/27

This week, I worked on placing a future event barn into Revit as well as existing conditions of an old car garage that will be renovated. I also completed renderings for a PEMB building that will be used in an upcoming RFQ. This week was full of different projects which I enjoyed. I’m excited to […]

Red Iron Week 5: 3/14-3/20

This week I worked on a rendering to be sent to a client for an upcoming children’s camp. I was given the proposal for the rendering and what needed to be in each scene. I also did a detailed section drawing for a staircase for the banner I produced last week. Overall, I’ve been learning […]

April 1st- Site Visit (from zach si at BCA)

Justin and I went to a general monthly meeting with the contractor, owner and architect meeting at one of our job sites. Our firm is designing a swimming club for this newly developed neighborhood in John’s Island. The framing is finished and electrical is being installed. During the meeting the contractor asked out the placement […]

RJ Gross | SGA Narmour Wright Design | 03/15-03/19

This week I only worked on Gibbs Shoals Apartments that will be located in Greer. I reviewed the interior designer’s drawings and matched the architectural changes in the club house. This included adding soffits and ceiling height changes to the interior. I also started correcting general redlines for this project which included adding annotations and […]

RJ Gross | SGA Narmour Wright Design | 03/08-03/11

Hours: 16    AXP: 12 Hours Monday-Thursday: This week at SGA| NW Design I worked on two projects, LIV Windsor Hill Apartments in North Charleston, Gibbs Shoals Apartments in Greer, and Utopia Salon in Charleston. For LIV Windsor Hill Apartments, I annotated the floor plans, reflected ceiling plan, and sections. For Gibbs Shoals Apartments, I […]