Shelton Stevenson SGA|NW Week 12

Monday 11-28-22 (8am-12pm)

Every Monday morning we always start off with our weekly Monday morning meetings. These meetings are used to reflect on our weekend as well as discuss what we have to focus on for the week. We also inform everyone on upcoming events that our job may be having later on down the road.

Job Title: Garrett

I worked on construction documents for Garrett to get them complete from all of the comments we received from our clients over the thanksgiving holidays

Tuesday 11-29-22 (8am-1pm)

Job Title: Garrett

Tuesday morning i worked on the paint schedule and the elevation corrections for the construction documents. I had to relabel some of the paint sections to different colors. I also had to go back in and take new elevation of certain wall sections s the clients could get a better visual of where the paint would go as well as how it would look in correlation t the other colors throughout the school

Wednesday 11-30-22 (8am-12)

Job Title: Garrett

Wednesday I worked on two more sheets of the construction documents so that we could have them all completed by the end of the week. This required me to make changes to fonts, add missing door tags ad room tags, as well as change the paint color to certain section of the building where need be.

Thursday 12-1-22 (8am- 1pm)

Job Title: Garrett

Thursday I finished all of the mark ups for the construction documents for the Garrett project. After i finished them we printed them one last time to get reviewed again.

Total AXP Hours: 18


This week showed me that even when you make corrections the first time there will always be something that is needed to be fixed. Another lesson i learned is that always be ready to make corrections that the client might have even though the proposed color or design was already approved you have to make sure the client is happy and receives the best work as possible


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