Kyle Kane | LOWE | WEEK 6

Project: Entitlement Research  Project Manager: Jacob Lindsey  Tuesday – 10.18.22 I started my morning with working on my presentation material, but was then drafted to join in on the master planning team’s meeting. This was an all hands on deck situation with the Architect’s from Perkins and will and Sherwood were  present along with a […]

Erin Doering | SMHa | Week 6

Projects worked – ENT South Mount Pleasant Renovation, James Island Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall Project managers – Jeff Johnston 10/17/2022 – Monday AXP hours – 4 (Practice Management) I began the week with our firm weekly meeting to see what everyone was working on. I then listened in on a preparation meeting for an interview […]

Shelton Stevenson |SGA|NW| Week 6

Monday 10/17/22 (8am-12pm) Monday mornings always start with our weekly Monday morning meeting. We talk about what our weekend consisted of also to talk about any upcoming events or projects that we have for the week that need to be completed. Job Title: Garrett Project So this week I went backed and made edits to […]

Lad Howell | McMillan Pazdan Smith | Week 6

Monday 10/17:            8:00AM – 12:00PM Midterm Internship Meeting Retail Center Facade Modeling Tuesday 10/18:           8:00AM – 12:00PM Retail Center Facade Modeling Wednesday 10/19:     8:00AM – 12:00PM Retail Center Facade Modeling Thursday 10/20:       8:00AM – 12:00PM Retail Center Facade Modeling Friday 10/21:      […]

Jennifer Jonson | LS3P | Week 6 (41)

WEEKLY ENTRY 10/16/2022 Time Worked: 10:30am-6:30pm Tasks Performed: Holiday Inn Charleston construct revit model for each floor (wall frame plan) Work Accomplished: Project Planning & Design 10/18/2022 Time Worked: 8am-12:00pm Tasks Performed: Holiday Inn Charleston construct revit model for each floor (wall frame plan) fix plan Work Accomplished: Project Planning & Design 10/20/2022 Time Worked: […]

Brooke Young | Design Division | Week 6

Monday (10-17-22) Today I focused on completing the Low Battery Phase 4 Concept presentation. This task included, labeling the individual concept graphics, writing a brief discription to elaborate on the differentiation between the concepts. This needed to be done in a way that would be understandable and highly diagrammatic for the engineers reviewing the presentation. […]

Nick Oxendale | Prompt 1

Praxis; “architecture (is) a practice or collection of practices, an art”, as stated by author dana Cuff in her book “Architecture: The Story of Practice”. When I prompted my mentor, Joel Wenzel with this concept and asked how it related to practice,  you could see his excitement before he started his architectural ramble. I believe […]

Madelyn Ault | Haute Design | Week 6 Log

– Monday 10/17Time Worked: 9am – Tasks Completed: Rearranged the MIL furniture plan for Smith on CAD and added in towel bar and toilet paper holders in all of the bathrooms. Shadowed a client meeting with Lefkowitz discussing the finalized furniture and fabric choices. Work Accomplished: Project Development and Documentation – Tuesday 10/18Time Worked: 9am – […]