Kyle Kane | LOWE | WEEK 6

Project: Entitlement Research 

Project Manager: Jacob Lindsey 

Tuesday – 10.18.22

I started my morning with working on my presentation material, but was then drafted to join in on the master planning team’s meeting. This was an all hands on deck situation with the Architect’s from Perkins and will and Sherwood were  present along with a colleague from one of the west coast offices. In this meeting, we began to run through the initial renders of some of the views for our next big engagement event next week. From there it was a pivot to the new site model and talked about building height.

Axp. Hours: 5       Category: Project Development & Documentation

Wednesday – 10.19.22

Day 2 of the big team meetings. We continued to discuss building height and mass, but now have transitioned into working out the building typologies in addition to the overall site master planning. Later in the day, another colleague joined the call to discuss economic balance and requirements along with our required infrastructure. I ended my day with giving my presentation of work to date to the full team. The presentation focused on my research into retail main streets across the united states and the qualitative and quantitative data that goes with that. The presentation then switched to my second research project that compared the different timelines and build densities/build-outs of the different redevelopment projects around the Charleston Peninsula.

Axp. Hours: 3       Category: Project Development & Documentation

Thursday – 10.20.22 

Following the conversations that occurred during my presentation, I am going back and adding some more information about the development projects we are using as case studies. In addition, I want to try to find some more information to nail down a couple of dates from my timelines more precisely before we present this information to the ports authority. I also helped Jacob move and organize the new model.

Axp. Hours: 5       Category: Project Development & Documentation


Lesson Learned 

This week was very informational as to the innerworkings of large scaled projects and what needs to be done to get these projects approved and successful. The amount of moving parts that must be going at the right pace, and then add in three different tracks that all need to be in sync and that is close to what I was observing yesterday. Architects deal in details, but this scope of master planning is dealing with a whole different set of details. The developers side of the table had a different set of information and requirements that needed to be met, while running parallel to the needs and requirements of the Architects and then those from the City/Historic Preservation. It was a lot of information, but it was very interesting to watch and participate in.

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