Autumn Hinson | AJ Architects | Week 6

Monday (10/17/22):

Today I continued working on building sections and staircase design for 109 Rutledge.

Total Hours (3:34) | AXP Hours – Project Planning & Design

Tuesday (10/18/22):

Today I worked on assessing floor height adjustments made from the client and the relationship the floor plates have in reference to the ruin in front of the new construction for 11.5 St. Philip Street. New framing, window locations, floor heights, and structural support for the ruin all have to line up and work cohesively based on the updated information we collected on the ruin and the suggested floor heights the client wants.

Total Hours (4:22) | AXP Hours – Project Management

Wednesday (10/19/22):

Today I worked on a code analysis for 186 St. Philip St. with my mentor and then I continued work on 11.5 St. Philip Street.

Total Hours (3:09) | AXP Hours – Practice Management + Project Management

Thursday (10/20/22):

Today, I  continued work on adjusting floor heights for 11.5 St. Philip Street and attended a DRC meeting for 186 St. Philip Street.

Total Hours (3:23) | AXP Hours – Practice Management + Project Management


This week I learned about the DRC process and our role to inform the board of public right of way issues dealing with the design of the project. I also learned more about code during our analysis and the process as it pertains to commercial and residential uses. I felt as though the process walks a fine line in determining use, occupation, and requirements which made it difficult to feel confident in my choices initially but after further discussion with my mentor, the explanations made sense. Attached is a photo of field measurements and site conditions of 11.5 St. Philip Street.

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