Jerome Simiyon-Bello Garris Architects-Week 6

Projects worked – 22 Westedge(Novotech), 1180 Sam Rittenberg

Project manager – Nick Galizia


10/17/2022 – Monday

AXP hours – 0


I did not work today.


10/18/2022 – Tuesday


AXP hours –  5(Project development and documentation)

Today I met with my mentor to learn about the 22 Westedge Site visit on Monday. I received information about the discrepancies between the existing conditions and the drawings. The mechanical ducts were in a different location than drawings. I started making changes and incorporating existing conditions.


10/19/2022 – Wednesday


AXP hours -4 (Project Planning and Design)

I worked on finishes for Novotech project.  I selected the finishes for floor, cabinets, ceilings. I also worked on wrapping up the cabinetry details. 


10/20/2022 – Thursday


 AXP hours – 2 (Construction and Evaluation), 4 (Project development and Documentation)

I attended the OAC meeting for 1180 Sam rittenberg project. After that i worked on finishing up the Permit set for Novotech. 


Lessons learned:

During the OAC meeting at sam rittenberg. I learned how contracts work. Issues between the contract and Sub contractor and how the contractor and owner are dealing with it and how it is affecting the construction schedule. I also learned how the formwork for cast in place beams are built and  the purpose of steel anchor plates in rebars. 



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