Maggie Gaston | Synchronicity Land + Architecture | Mar. 22 – Mar. 26

This week at Synchronicity I was given the task of creating a few conceptual designs for an upcoming housing development. This was pretty cool because I was told to be creative and try out a few different things. I ended up creating two solid designs that were then reflected in the final conceptual design that was shared with the client. The space within the future development that I am working on is the amenity/pool space. After I created the design of the pool, I was tasked with designing parking for this space by digging through the municode. This took a while and was not fun at all, but it is a very important part of the design process that cannot be skipped. After I finished up figuring out the parking design and code, I moved on to work on a project from a few weeks ago. We finally received drawings from Civil so we could actually move forward with the design. I learned a few new AutoCAD tricks when combining our files with the civil dwg that was shared with us. For example, I was taught how to reference a file into another at the correct placement and scale by adjusting the units within the specific drawing. It was pretty neat. I finished that task and now all I have left is to create a Photoshop base map.


Hours worked: 20

Total hours: 120

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