Olivia Wideman @ LS3P | 3.8 -3.11

Hours: 16 AXP: 112 This week at LS3P I started on a sign design for Sharing Hope’s new building and I worked on Robert Smalls! I started Monday by photoshopping options for Sharing Hope’s building which is currently in construction. I made 2 iterations of a horizontal option and 2 of a vertical option. On […]

Lauren + Synchronicity | 03.01.21-03.04.21

Weekly hours: 15.50 | Total Hours: 100.25 Monday 03.01.21 Divided my day into 3 tasks. I worked on the Bevi Bene Brewery window and door schedule. Reviewed the structural engineers drawings to make sure they follow our plans. Last, I fixed the red lines for the Stribling project. Tuesday 03.02.21 Started my day by fixing the red lines […]

Ryan Murrey | SMHa | 3.1.21-3.4.21

This week I worked 15 hours. On Monday I got to the office a little early for the Monday morning meeting. Everyone got together in the main presentation space and went over where they were at in their projects and what was on the schedule for the week.  After, each studio broke into separate groups […]