Olivia Wideman @ LS3P | 3.22 -3.25

Hours: 16

AXP: 145

This week at LS3P I worked on RSIA and the Bosch Cafeteria Renovation.

Monday: I finished the floor design from RSIA that I had been working on for around a week. They ended up changing the pattern so I had to go back and redo it. The new pattern is cleaner and I like it better than the previous iteration. After working on the floor, I also started on casework and developed designs for the coffee bar for Bosch.

Tuesday + Wednesday: I continued working on the casework for the coffee bar and Microwave station at Bosch. I completed those tasks on Wednesday, so I started on some redlines for RSIA. Their deadline is coming up quick for CD’s so they have a lot for me to fix (because of the downsize, due to budget).

Thursday: On Thursday I had a busy day! I worked on RCP’s for RSIA and tried to match them with the new tile. I had to complete them quickly because there was a deadline for noon. I finished them earlier than 12, so I worked on some redlines and fixed Bosch based on the feedback I got!

Overall, I had a really productive week!

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