Red Iron Week 11: 4/26-5/01

Final week of my last year as an undergraduate! This week I’ve been working on more as-builts. I placed an existing building in Revit to get ready for a new addition that we will be adding later this year. After I completed this, I began working on a school project that is in the schematic […]

Red Iron Week 8: 4/05-4/10

I spent this week designing and revising the Revit model for the Event Barn. With this project, I have been given more free range for design where I have been having to utilize my problem solving skills so that all of the client’s needs are met. With this, I’ve also had to consider ADA accessibility […]

Red Iron Week 6: 3/21-3/27

This week, I worked on placing a future event barn into Revit as well as existing conditions of an old car garage that will be renovated. I also completed renderings for a PEMB building that will be used in an upcoming RFQ. This week was full of different projects which I enjoyed. I’m excited to […]

Red Iron Week 5: 3/14-3/20

This week I worked on a rendering to be sent to a client for an upcoming children’s camp. I was given the proposal for the rendering and what needed to be in each scene. I also did a detailed section drawing for a staircase for the banner I produced last week. Overall, I’ve been learning […]

Red Iron Week 3: 3/1-3/5

I’m really enjoying what I’m doing this semester. I feel like I’m getting a well rounded experience so far. This week I began by reviewing our Room Data List for a new school project and comparing it to the District’s list. I revised the list so that it would match. Afterwards, I worked on evacuation […]

Red Iron Week 4: 3/8-3/12

This week I worked on Signage for one of our school projects as a close out procedure and came up with a banner to hang over the walls in each stairwell. One issue is that there was wall equipment in different locations on each stairwell that couldn’t be covered. So for this task, I had […]

Red Iron Week 2: 2/23-2/26

This week I’ve learned more about codes and ada compliance as we were drawing up a plan for an up and coming restaurant in North Charleston. I was tasked with the job of placing the plan into Revit. We were given a sketch from the owners and had to go off that. I had to […]