Gauge Bethea: AJ Arch_11.28-12.01

Monday 11.28 (Total Hrs: 3.5) AXP: 3.5 PPD 

Today, I finished the Submittal for 165 Coming and sent it in to the BAR.

Tuesday 11.29 (Total Hrs: 3.5) AXP: 3.5 PPD

I Began working on modeling 122 + 124 Calhoun St. along with the duplexes that are attached to each

Wednesday 11.30 (Total Hrs: 3.5) 3.5 PPD

Today I continued modeling the 4 buildings for 122 + 124

Thursday 12.01 (Total Hrs: 3.5) 3.5 PPD

I kept modeling today and began setting up sheets

Total Hrs:  14 Hrs


Photo: Cover sheet for BAR Submittal

Reflection: This week I learned what was needed for a Conceptual Submission with the BAR and have enjoyed working on this project from beginning up until the Submission date.

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