Gauge Bethea: AJ Arch: 10.10-10.14

Monday 10.10 (Total Hrs: 3.5) AXP: 3.5 PPD 

Today, I worked on creating a lighting plan for the first floor of 698 Rutledge keeping in mind what the areas will be used for and how people will interact with the space.

Tuesday 10.11 (Total Hrs: 3) AXP: 3 PPD

I continued working on the lighting plan for 698 and moved up to the second floor which is all office space.

Wednesday 10.12 (Total Hrs: 3.5) AXP: 3.5 PPD

I finished creating the lighting plans and started looking for lights to use in those spaces from different manufacturers.

Thursday 10.13 (Total Hrs: 4) AXP: 4 PjM

Today, I continued working on looking at lighting options for each of the spaces in 698 Rutledge and began creating enlarged bathroom plans for all of the spaces.

Total Hrs:  14 Hrs

Photo: Lighting Plan for 698 Rutledge

Reflection: This week I learned a bit more on how to do lighting plans and the types of outlets that go in each area.

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