Monday 12.05 (Total Hrs: 0) 


Tuesday 12.06 (Total Hrs: 3.5) AXP: 3.5 PPD

This week I am continuing to model 122 + 124 Cannon Street

Wednesday 12.07 (Total Hrs: 3.5) 3.5 PjM

Today, we had a meeting with the Knights of Columbus for a renovation of their building on Calhoun Street. Then we discussed the goals for the rest of the semester.

Thursday 12.08 (Total Hrs: 4.5) 3.5 PPD; 1 PjM

I finished modeling 122 + 124 Cannon. Tonight, I’m going to the BAR meeting for 165 Coming.

Total Hrs:  14 Hrs


Photo: Revit model for 122.5 Cannon Street

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