Charlotte Littlejohn | Tyler A. Smyth Architect | Week 8 (3/7-3/11)

Monday:  Spent four hours working on color and material choices by elevation for a new residence (Rothstein).

Tuesday:  Spent four hours refining floor plans and interior elevations for a residential renovation (Cogswell).

Wednesday:  Spent an hour refining floor plans for a residential renovation (Cogswell); spent an hour filing drawings into active project files.

Thursday:  Spent three hours updating website information, including recent publications about the firm’s work and new projects; spent half an hour visiting a residential renovation that is currently in construction (98 Ashley Ave.) involving new piazza shutters, and evaluating work done by the painters.

Lessons Learned:  I learned a new website software, Square Space, and how firm websites should be maintained and revised often; part of this included finding digital versions of articles published to link to the website for potential clients.

AXP Earned:  9 hours for Project Development and Documentation, 0.5 hours for Construction and Evaluation, 4 hours for Practice Management

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