John Crayne | NOVUS | Week 10

This week, I have nearly finished filling out our index for the company to use for their smaller Revit issues. While speaking with classmates, I quickly learned that I have worked nearly 120 hours and a majority of the hours are going to the Practice Management category. I realize that I really need to branch […]

John Crayne | NOVUS | Week 9

This week I mainly worked on creating timestamps throughout the Revit Training Videos for my mentor. In the process, I have gained a better understanding of Revit and firm standards. All the Time Stamps are now going into a large index for employees to shuffle through before coming to us with small problems that can […]

John Crayne | NOVUS | Week 8

The week I began taking steps outside of just training. My training so far has consisted of Revit-Learning tutorials and sitting in on meetings with my mentor. Now that my training has passed, I get to take a deeper dive into what it takes to be a BIM Manager for a corporate firm. Andrew has […]

Charlotte Littlejohn | Tyler A. Smyth Architect | Week 9 (3/14-3/18)

Monday:  Spent half an hour preparing the office for a client meeting; spent 3.5 hours updating the website Tuesday:  Spent four hours developing Reflected Ceiling Plans/Electrical Plans, then interior elevations for a renovation to a residence on Sullivan’s Island (Boyd-Sellers) that was originally designed by our firm. Working on the interior elevations also required researching […]

Jennifer Jonson | LS3P | Week 10

WEEKLY ENTRY 03/14/2022 Time Worked: 9:30am-12pm Tasks Performed: Del Webb Amenity Center Cainhoy Modify the cabana’s design for the amenity center in Revit based on my mentor’s notes. Virginia Lee’s House Continue photoshopping the house. Lighten the house by altering the colors of the façade and come up with different design options to ensure the […]

Week 7 – Coker, Nicole – Daily & Weekly Blog

Monday 3/14/22 Today I created a bulkhead detail for the Russell House Project and continued cleaning up RCP’s and other items the model for our CD’s. AXP: Project Development & Documentation Tuesday 3/15/22 Today was a continuation of model and drawing updates. AXP: Project Development & Documentation Wednesday  3/16/22 Today I worked on fixing window […]