Andrew Schick | The Middleton Group | Week 8

  • 3/7 | Summerville Townhomes
    • I jumped into modeling slight differences to Buildings 2 & 3 for our Summerville Townhomes masterplan CD Set. Porches and facades changed to the rear portion and several roofs were revised – notes too. In our Project Workload Meeting, some new opportunities to accompany Blake & Will and a photographer out to our newly completed Delta Pharmacy Project sounds like an exciting opportunity on Friday. (3 hours –  Project Development and Documentation + 1 hour under Project Management)

  • 3/8 | Summerville Townhomes
    • Once Jennifer got the Revit file ready for Building 3, I continued the same process as the previous day. The owner is also the Construction Manager, so keeping the buildings similar in construction was key to keeping costs low – this also saves us a lot of time in the CD phase. (4 hours –  Project Development and Documentation

  • 3/9 | Summerville Townhomes
    • I wrapped up Building 4 and installed Lumion 12 onto my computer. This process took longer than expected 🙁  [3 hours –  Project Development and Documentation]

  • 3/10 | Bright Oak Preschool Academy 
    • Today I helped Will render a couple of views for a project currently in the CA phase located on John’s Island. The site is very elongated and in a densely forested area. I was tasked with populating the Lumion model with vegetation, people & modeling adjustments from Revit. I was pleased overall with the results! (4 hours – Practice Management) – website up soon!

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