SMHa : Week Thirteen

Week Thirteen 11.16.2020 – 11.19.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection My last week as an intern was a perfect summary of what I have learned throughout the entire year with SMHa. I was able to further develop my skill set and was introduced to new programs and drafting techniques while in the office but also for a […]

SMHa : Week Twelve

Week Twelve 11.09.2020 – 11.12.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection This week I spent almost my entire time in Sketchup building a golf clubhouse from random google earth images and a site plan given to us by the original architect. Because there was not much to work off of, I was given the liberty to make my […]

SMHa : Week Eleven

Week Eleven 11.02.2020 – 11.05.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection This week I was able to see how the office prepares for a very important in-person job interview which was exciting to be a part of. Tasks like cleaning the office, strategically showcasing and concealing current drawing sets and orchestrating who was working on what presentation drawings […]

SMHa : Week Ten

Week Ten 10.26.2020 – 10.29.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection My tenth week was a continuation of last week. I was able to bounce around on a few projects around the office, which is something that I enjoy because that means that I can see how multiple principals in the office manage their projects in their market […]

SMHa : Week Nine

Week Nine 10.19.2020 – 10.22.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection My ninth week at SMHa was very productive for me, as I was kept very busy and had to prioritize a few different tasks for a few different people in the office. I find that I enjoy having pending work for me to do because I feel […]

SMHa : Week Eight

Week Eight 10.12.2020 – 10.15.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection During this week I was able to observe to an extent the office organization and how projects are generally paced according to the architect leading the process. I find that the reason the office culture is so stress free and enjoyable throughout the day while things are […]

SMHa : Week Seven

Week Seven 10.05.2020 – 10.08.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection My seventh week was a continuation of last week as I was working mostly in Revit on cased openings and interior platform section details. I was able to have a few intermittent conversations with people in the office as they walked past my desk. I am very […]

SMHa : Week Six

Week Six 09.28.2020 – 10.01.2020; SMHa  Midterm Checkpoint: 89.5 hours Completed and 102.5 hours Remaining Weekly Reflection My sixth week at SMHa was heavily filled with Revit work, specifically on drafting views of various construction details. I find this type of work to be the most mundane when compared to all of the drawings needed […]

SMHa : Week Five

Week Five 09.21.2020 – 09.24.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection My fifth week back at SMHa was full of semester goal achievements. I was able to take a step back from working on projects and share my personal portfolio with the office. Gaining a new perspective on what I have been presenting as myself was extremely helpful […]

SMHa : Week Four

Week Four 09.14.2020 – 09.17.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection My fourth week back at SMHa for this semester was a continuation of the week before. I spent the entire time working on trace paper to present concept sketching of facade studies, massing and more site analysis to a family entertainment center. I enjoyed diving into my […]