SMHa : Week Three

Week Three 09.07.2020 – 09.10.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection My third week at SMHa was incredibly helpful in my design career, as I was able to sketch and have conversations with a few people in the office. Getting to see their commentary on what I presented as well as what they came up with was interesting […]

SMHa : Week Two

Week Two 08.31.2020 – 09.03.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection My second week at SMHa was very similar to the first one. Being one of the only ones knowing how to use photoshop, I was greeted with plenty of projects needing some images edited for upcoming design award submissions. This week weighed heavy on preparing for these […]

SMHa : Week One

Week One 08.24.2020 – 08.27.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection I was very happy to go back into the office my first week at SMHa for this semester. I had a very uneventful summer and was well rested, so it was enjoyable to return to some normalcy. I opened with our weekly “Monday Morning Meeting” and it […]

SMHa : Week Eight

Week Eight 03.02.2020 – 03.05.2020; SMHa    Weekly Reflection The eighth week at SMHa was full of little odds and ends. While focusing on one project for the past few weeks, the office was sitting with a long list of submittal questions for another job. I was introduced to a typical relationship of general contractor […]

SMHa : Week Seven

Week Seven 02.24.2020 – 02.27.2020; SMHa    Weekly Reflection The seventh week at SMHa was all production mode. The entire team that has been working on the same market project as me spent each day working on construction documents in Revit. It was cool to see the office standards on how sheets are layed out, […]

SMHa : Week Six

Week Six 02.17.2020 – 02.20.2020; SMHa    Weekly Reflection The sixth week at SMHa was exciting for me because I was able to work a full day and see how the office typically runs. I found that I was able to get deeper into the design development by spending more time getting familiar with the […]

SMHa : Week Five

Week Five 02.10.2020 – 02.13.2020; SMHa    Weekly Reflection The fifth week at SMHa was a production week for everyone who sits near me in the office, including me. Starting off my week, I was invited to sit in on an internal meeting for a project that the office team is preparing to be bid […]

SMHa : Week Four

Week Four 02.03.2020 – 02.06.2020; SMHa    Weekly Reflection The fourth week at SMHa was heavily weighted with design iterations and construction detailing in Revit. I was able to spend my entire week focusing on the schematic design phase of the project involving a mail kiosk. This week was particularly exciting for me, as I […]

SMHa : Week Three

Week Three 01.27.2020 – 01.30.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection The third week at SMHa I was able to finish the Sketchup Model of existing apartment complexes, and was asked to help with design alternatives for a mail kiosk within the same site project. This was exciting for me to have all control over the design of […]

SMHa : Week Two

Week Two 01.20.2020 – 01.23.2020; SMHa  Weekly Reflection The second week at SMHa I was heavily consumed with working in Sketchup. Being unfamiliar with Sketchup commands, it was very helpful to have started and finished a few apartment complexes in this program. I was given a set of construction documents of these pre-existing buildings, so […]