SMHa : Week Five

Week Five 02.10.2020 – 02.13.2020; SMHa 


Weekly Reflection The fifth week at SMHa was a production week for everyone who sits near me in the office, including me. Starting off my week, I was invited to sit in on an internal meeting for a project that the office team is preparing to be bid on. I was involved with a project further along than the previous schematic phase that I was working on, yet I have worked on plenty of construction documents in the past. Because of this, I was very familiar with detailing and what needs to be done in this phase. I appreciated the opportunity to help with preparing sheets, views and details in Revit and feel confident that I am gaining great experience in how to accurately prepare construction documents.


02.10.2020 Daily Task 4 hours; Project Development + Documentation. I started my day with the weekly monday meeting by discussing active projects and what tasks needed to be accomplished this week. I then sat in on an internal meeting for phase 2 of a market project to softly brief what needs to be worked on to meet upcoming deadlines. I was given the task to then scan the redline check set from the meeting and work on making corresponding adjustments to window and wall section details in Revit.


02.11.2020 Daily Task 4 hours; Project Development + Documentation. I started my day with a breakfast-lunch and learn by WhiteGoods Lighting. This was enjoyable to sit in on because I was able to see how the interiors team asked specific questions such as pricing and finish options on these products. The architects in the room then asked questions better relating to connections and distances for installation success. I then finished with a continuation of the interior window and wall section detailing in Revit.


02.12.2020 Daily Task 4 hours; Project Development + Documentation. I spent the first half working on sliding door frame section details and corresponding wall sections. I was able to refer to manufacturing details for information on what the proper assembly needs to be for this selection to work. 


02.13.2020 Daily Task 0 hours; I opted to transfer these hours to the following week due to a pressing studio review deadline.

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