SMHa : Week Three

Week Three 09.07.2020 – 09.10.2020; SMHa 

Weekly Reflection My third week at SMHa was incredibly helpful in my design career, as I was able to sketch and have conversations with a few people in the office. Getting to see their commentary on what I presented as well as what they came up with was interesting to compare. I found that I enjoyed this week the most because I felt respected in what I brought to the table knowing that I am the least experienced in this type of design within the office.

09.07.2020 Daily Task 0 hours. Labor Day

09.08.2020 Daily Task 1.75 hours; Project Management. 2 hours; Project Development + Documentation. Per usual, my morning started off with an office wide brief on what everyone is working on, upcoming deadlines and conference room reservations. I then jumped back into concept sketching for the entertainment center.

09.09.2020 Daily Task 4 hours; Programming + Analysis. Today I participated in a design charrette for the sketches that I have been doing for the entertainment center. This was probably my favorite day in the office so far, I felt that I was able to blend a typical studio desk crit with people in the office that have been practicing architecture for 15+ years. It was cool to see what they could immediately recognize as not feasible and what was a new approach to a typical design solution. 

09.10.2020 Daily Task 4 hours; Programming + Analysis. After a successful internal conversation on where this family entertainment center project is headed, I was able to sketch massing and concept approaches to share with the client.

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