SMHa : Week Eight

Week Eight 10.12.2020 – 10.15.2020; SMHa 

Weekly Reflection During this week I was able to observe to an extent the office organization and how projects are generally paced according to the architect leading the process. I find that the reason the office culture is so stress free and enjoyable throughout the day while things are still getting done is because the studio pods are determined by design strength. I have sensed that a good majority of projects are so successful because the personalities of group members work together and I really appreciate that. The lack of wall dividers between studio pods and even from studio to studio opens up conversation with everyone and it’s something that I haven’t experienced with past internships. It’s a great environment to be learning both architecture and even how to develop a strong work ethic as a young professional rather than a student.

10.12.2020 Daily Task 4 hours; Programming + Analysis. Today I once again started my week with an office-wide Monday Morning Meeting. Although I am able to see all of the active projects on our server, it is really engaging to see the completion point of each project and how things progress in completely different ways depending on the scope, client and project manager taking the lead in the office. I then spent the rest of my morning continuing what I left to do from last week, which was Revit drafting a floor plan of a shared pdf to determine the scope of the project moving forward.

10.13.2020 Daily Task 4 hours; Programming + Analysis. I continued working in Revit on the existing building shell of a medical services building. This was a mindless task, even more so a task that I was able to work on without needing instructions on how to get this done. I was also able to sift through the project file and understand data requirements and programming requests from the client.

10.14.2020 Daily Task 0 hours; Sick day. 

10.15.2020 Daily Task 0 hours; Sick day.

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