Brian Heape + Pinnacle Architecture : 10.19.2020-10.22.2020

Pinnacle Architecture
701 East Bay Street, Suite 302
Charleston, South Carolina

Week 7 (October 19 – 22)
Weekly Hours: 21
Total Hours: 252

Tasks Preformed:
Renderings for upcoming projects
Annotate Elevations for Prototype School

Records of Work:
Project Title: Prototype Elementary School
Project Location: N/A
Project Scope: Convert existing prototype elementary school from AutoCAD into Revit.
Project Manager: Greg Conary & Cameron Baker
Role of Student: Model the exterior and details of the elementary school

Weekly Reflection:
This week I continued to work on the Elementary School Project. This is a school plan that is altered for many schools across the country. The firm has the school modeled in AutoCAD; however, with the changing times they wish to render aspects of the building for the school. Therefore, the project must be converted to Revit. This week I worked to create renderings for upcoming projects that are in the beginning phases. Towards the middle – end of the week I began jumping back into the prototype school project to annotate some of the elevations along with more trial renderings (like the one above).  During the days in the office I was numerous tips and tricks within Revit to improve my workflow and to prepare myself for the Autodesk Professional Certification I hope to achieve in the coming months. While I learned a lot of new tricks within Revit, it would be too much to record them all within this reflection. This week I learned more about the process of the workflow of a project from the beginning stages. On Monday, the week began with the news that we had a possible project in the future, a project that I could possibly be apart of from early design until the final punch list.

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