SMHa : Week Four

Week Four 09.14.2020 – 09.17.2020; SMHa 

Weekly Reflection My fourth week back at SMHa for this semester was a continuation of the week before. I spent the entire time working on trace paper to present concept sketching of facade studies, massing and more site analysis to a family entertainment center. I enjoyed diving into my own thoughts and then sharing concepts with LaShaun to bounce ideas off of each other for a more thorough idea to show for.

09.14.2020 Daily Task 0 hours.

09.15.2020 Daily Task 4.5 hours; Programming + Analysis. Today I picked up where I left off last Thursday, and spent my morning sketching schematically alongside LaShaun. We planned to meet first thing in the morning on what we both came up with, and how we could fill in voids that we possibly left out. 

09.16.2020 Daily Task 4 hours; Programming + Analysis. I met with LaShaun for a decent amount of time and we had a conversation about the design process in general as well as what his design strengths were, what areas my sketches had potential and how we could mesh our two proposals together.

09.17.2020 Daily Task 5.5 hours; Programming + Analysis. From our conversation yesterday, I produced plenty of various concept studies and compiled my design process into a presentation to share with Jeff and the client.

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